LG Consultants


During our travels, we have come across numerous independent professionals and consultants out there who are ready, able & willing to assist Councils with their day to day & end of year accounting needs.

Being a small team, LG solutions can’t manage to help every Council "on site" so we’ve listed here some contractors that have successfully used & worked with our products.

Below, please find a listing of independent contractors that have worked with Councils and who we know have successfully used our products.

Please note that all work engagements made would solely be between the Council & the independent Contractor.

Name: Igor Ivannikov
Contact Details: iivannikov100@gmail.com (email)
0412 932 174 (mobile)
Type of work: Annual Financial Reporting
Project Coordinator for revaluation of infrastructure assets
Asset accounting
Asset Registers clean up
Special Schedule 7 preparation
Accounting policies set up
Audit process coordinator
Locations available: Within 3-4 hours drive from Armidale, NSW
Some background: Chartered Accountant CA with more than 10 years of external audit experience.
I know exactly what auditors want and how to give them what they want.
The main area of interest is infrastructure assets accounting and revaluation, in particular.

Name: Tony Hughes
Contact Details: th100159@gmail.com (email)
0435 545 352 (mobile)
Type of work:
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Asset Management & Accounting
  • Systems review and design
  • General Ledger design
  • Internal Controls & Troubleshooting
  • Project Reporting & Analysis
Locations available: Generally north and north-western NSW, however willing to travel further.
Some background:
  • Over 30 years in Local Government
  • Experienced in Finance Manager (CFO) & Director Corporate Services roles
  • Conversant with Authority (Civica), Practical, Finance One & Civic View.
  • Excellent skills in using Microsoft products including Excel & Word.

Name: Brian Appeldoorn
Contact Details: appel79@hotmail.com (email)
0420 575 756 (mobile)
Type of work:
  • Annual financial reporting
  • Acting in CFO / Finance Manager roles
  • System review, design and implementation
  • General ledger restructure
  • Internal Controls
  • Staff Mentoring and Development
  • Temporary Rates relief
Locations available: Based in Sydney, can access Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Central Coast on a daily basis, rest of NSW considered.
Some background: After starting work for The Audit Office of NSW, I have worked for companies such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte (London), Tabcorp, JAX Tyres and Council.
As well as having great technical skills, I am able to communicate effectively through all levels of an organisation, simplifying the accounting and audit process along the way.
  • Over 15 years experience in audit and finance roles
  • Have worked with Civica's Authority, BIS, Assetic and many industry specific software solutions
  • Successfully introduced LG Solutions products at Councils

Name: Ann Newsome
Contact Details: newsome.ann@gmail.com (email)
0428 526 542 (mobile)
Type of work: All aspects of Finance & Administration Services including:
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Preparation of management plans
  • Systems review and design
  • General ledger restructure
  • Asset Finance/Engineering integration
Locations available: North & North West NSW but will consider other locations
Some background: Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of financial and management accounting experience
  • 2 years local government experience as CFO & Director of Corporate and Community Services
  • Long term finance professional with strong background in financial report preparation, GST, FBT and other tax legislation
  • Well-developed analytical skills and ability to find "out of the box" solutions
  • Experience with Civica , Assetic, Bis

Name: Andrew Wright
Contact Details: awright@aussiebb.com.au (email)
0428 515 382 (mobile)
Type of work: Preparation of YE Annual Financial Statements & Reports,
Review of Accounting Policies & Procedures
Internal Controls
General Ledger reviews
Asset Management Plans
Development of Annual and Long Term Financial Plan
Acting in CFO and Manager Finance Roles
Asset Management Planning
Locations available: Almost anywhere
Some background:
  • I have over 30 years experience in Local Government working in NSW, VIC, WA and NT as CFO or Manager Finance
  • I have excellent skills across Excel, Word and a variant of Finance systems

Name: Brian Gregan
Contact Details: bgregan@optusnet.com.au (email)
0418 489 814 (mobile)
Type of work: YE Financial Statements, Budget Setting, Reviewing Accounting Processes & Internal Controls, Mentoring Staff
Locations available: Sydney CBD
Some background:
  • Over 40 years in Local Government
  • Finance Manager across various Sydney Metropolitan Councils
  • Able to get to the core of an accounting or financial reporting issue & make recommendations
  • Used to be Ken's boss when he was a young Uni graduate (way back when)
    - taught him all he knows Lächelnd !!

Name: Daniel Cooper
Contact Details: danpatcoop@gmail.com (email)
0478 498 647 (mobile)
Type of work:
  • Annual Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Long Term Financial Planning
  • Revenue Policy Development
  • NPV Analysis, Business Planning
  • FMIS implementation, database reporting
  • General Ledger/Chart of Accounts design
  • Internal Controls
  • Process Improvement/Internal Review
  • Asset Management and Financial Planning Integration
Locations available: Sydney, South Coast and South East NSW.
Assignments also considered in other NSW regions
Some background:
  • Degree qualified in Accounting and Economics
  • More than 26 years experience in local government covering metropolitan, regional and rural councils.
  • Solid technical expertise in Technology One, Authority and Practical
  • Prequalified under SCM005 (NSW Procurement) for Business Process Improvement and Financial and Budget Management

Name: John Stuart
Contact Details: stuarts56@bigpond.com (email)
0408 819 360 (mobile)
Type of work: YE Financial Statements, Budgets
Locations available: Preferably within a few hours of Mudgee
Some background:
  • 36 years Local Govt experience
  • Completed Financial Statements for approx 30 Councils in NSW & NT, could be more as I have lost count
  • Probably 150 sets in last 12 years
  • Expertise in sorting out Councils with problems
  • Conversant with Civica Authority, Finance One, Civic View, Practical

Name: Graham Kellett
Contact Details: grahamkellet@dodo.com.au (email)
0409 663 778 (mobile)
Type of work: All aspects of Financial, Administrative and Management work at Councils:
  • Preparation of Budgets,
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements,
  • Preparation of Management Plans,
  • Restructures.
Locations available: Based at Port Macquarie – but prepared to travel beyond these boundaries as needed.
Some background: I have developed financial, administrative and management skills relative to many Local Government positions up to CFO, General Manager & Chief Executive Officer.
Across the various financial roles, I have worked with the following Local Government Accounting Software Systems:
WCS | Stowe | PCS | Authority | QL Financials | Fujistu 2000 | Finance 1 | Pathway | Enterprise One

Name: Peter White
Contact Details: white.net@bigpond.com (email)
0408 852 510 (mobile)
Type of work: All aspects of Finance Administration including:
  • Preparation of Budgets and Quarterly Budget Reviews,
  • Preparation of YE Annual Financial Statements & Reports,
  • Review of Accounting Policies & Procedures
  • Internal Controls & Troubleshooting,
  • Setting up Chart of Accounts for both internal and external reporting requirements.
Locations available: Southern New South Wales preferably the Riverina, Southern Riverina or along the Murray
Some background:

I am a hands-on Finance Manager. I bring a 'common sense' approach to accounting.

I have 40+ years experience in local government throughout Australia, the past 16 years as Finance Manager in NSW. I have also worked 10 years in Victoria and 15 years in WA.

My strength is having well developed analytical skills. I have been able to demonstrate this with my ability to solve complex problems and come to well-reasoned conclusions. I have advanced computer skills including the Office suite and exceptional skills in Excel. I am accurate with keen attention to detail and have an excellent ability to meet deadlines.

I have prepared annual statutory financial statements for 30+ years in NSW, VIC & WA.

I have developed chart of accounts for internal & external reporting requirements.

I have extensive knowledge of the Local Government Financial Regulations and the Local Government Accounting Code of Practice. I am also well versed in GST, FBT and other taxation legislation.