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Our monthly newsletter is entirely focused on accounting, financial management & financial reporting issues for local government finance professionals !!

"Our Council has been subscribing to LG "Debits & Credits" for some time now and from my perspective, each edition just gets better and better. Keep it up !!!"

LG "Debits & Credits" is now in its 10th year of publication, and has become the "industry" newsletter for NSW Councils with over 90% of Councils now subscribing to it !!

Newsletter available in Qld EditionOur monthly table of contents includes:

  1. Dates to Remember for this month & next,
  2. Accounting news (& discussion) from around the State, Australia & the World (with a Local Government slant),
  3. Best Practice Guides on accounting & financial management issues (4 per year) including "ready reckoners" & templates,
  4. Q&A section - we publish your Questions & our Answers from the last month,

A newsletter subscription also provides:

  1. Complete user access to our Web Forum where Councils can view downloads, upload questions & answer questions,
  2. Receipt of our Year End Package at the start of June each year,
  3. Access to LG Solutions staff by email & mobile phone to answer any issues of an accounting, financial management or financial reporting nature.

So why subscribe !?

  • It is written specifically for Local Government finance professionals,
  • presents current & upcoming Accounting Issues,
  • prompts each "Subscriber Council" to review their existing Internal Controls and Financial Management Practices,
  • provides great background on accounting & financial management issues to your up & coming young accountants & promotes discussion in your finance area,
  • permits subscribers to email Questions in to the editor for a response,
  • keeps Local Government Finance Practitioners up to date with all the Current Issues, and
  • is issued direct to as many staff email addresses on the first business Monday of every month as you decide to nominate.

Future Topics:

In the next 12 months, targeted Best Practice Guides include:

  • Is DEBT a "dirty" word in Local Government, including how much debt is too much !?
  • A Special Rate Variation "crash course" & what IPART will be looking for.
  • A review/update on our 2010 BPG - Council's "Budget Result" & what it should mean.
  • The Top 10 strategic issues that Council Finance Managers should be addressing.
  • The Top 10 issues a new Finance Manager should review on their first day.
  • XBRL - the brave new world of financial reporting and what Local Government needs to know !?

So…how to subscribe:

Step (1). Send us an e-mail to newsletter

Step (2). Include in the message area of the e-mail,

  1. your Council's name,
  2. an officer contact name &
  3. the nominated e-mail addresses to receive each LG "Debits & Credits" newsletters

Step (3). E-mail the above to us…it's as simple and as easy as these 3 steps !

What we then do...

Upon receipt of your e-mail, LG solutions will:

  1. reply e-mail a confirmation of your subscription details, and
  2. supply an e-tax invoice to Council for your approval & payment

After this, each monthly edition of your LG "Debits & Credits" newsletter will hit your council nominated inboxes on the FIRST WORKING MONDAY of EVERY MONTH !

Subscription Price:

For a 2016 year subscription, the cost for NSW & QLD Councils is $1,530 plus GST.

All other States nominate to receive either the NSW or Qld edition and receive a $530 discount on the subscription price.

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