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Our next financial management and financial reporting products to be launched in the “clouds” over the next few months include:

April   Cloud ELE
May Cloud LTFP
June Cloud YE Financial Reporting
July Cloud QBRS (current year budgeting)

The next Industry Conferences that we will be attending as Sponsors include:

March SALGFMG Finance Professionals Conference (11 March)
March WA LGMA Finance Professionals Conference (17-18 March)
March NSW Revenue Professionals Conference (16 – 18 March)
May NSW LG Finance Conference (18 – 20 May)




9/2015: LG Solutions welcomed Tony Pizzuto to the LGS team !!
8/2015: LG Solutions launched our second “cloud” application – cloud Fees & Charges.
7/2015: Over 180 Councils chose our YE Financial Reporting Templates for their YE 14/15 rqmts.




LG Solutions launched our first “cloud” application – the LG Analyser, where Councils in NSW were able to compare, contrast, & rank themselves against any other Council across the State.